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SRT Manufacturing is located in Kingwood, Texas and manufactures two main products. The first is a stud removal tool called the StudPuller, the premier tool for removing frozen industrial studs. The second is an Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Valve for diesel engines called the ESD Air Shutoff Valve.  An ESD is used to prevent diesel engine overspeed due to external hydrocarbons being introduced into the intake manifold. The ESD Air Shutoff Valve is a positive air intake shutoff valve, which eliminates all air flow into a diesel engine.

The Stud Remover "StudPuller"

stud remover, stud extractor, SRT Manufacturing

SRT's stud remover is the #1 Industrial Stud Removal Tool on the market. Working under simple principles of centripetal force, an internal cam being rotated counterclockwise causes the jaws of the stud extractor to tighten down on the stud, forcing the release of the mechanical bind between the threads of the stud and the housing, allowing for the removal of frozen studs in seconds.

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ESD Air Shutoff Valve (Emergency Shutdown Valve)

ESD Valve, air intake shutdown valve, air shutoff valve, SRT Manufacturing

Runaway diesel engines or overspeed occurs when external hydrocarbons are introduced into the intake manifold. ESD's positive air shutdown valve totally shuts off the air supply forcing the shutdown of the diesel engine. ESD's Air Shutoff Valve is a butterfly design, which is less expensive than the swing gate design.  Compare the ESD air intake shutdown valves to AMOT, Chalwyn and Roda Deaco.  

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